Online Community Features

Today's websites do more than serve up content. They allow site members the ability to provide commentary on published items, perhaps publish some items themselves, host online profiles, and engage in information exchanges.

EfficiencySpring will provide you with several of these capabilities out-of-box.

Web Page Commenting

Users with the appropriate rights will have the ability to add comments to any published web page or database record. If public users are allowed to comment on content, then a CAPTCHA image is displayed so they can prove "they are human".

An additional comment being added to a web page.


An RSS feed being configured within LeapSeed.

RSS Feed 2.0 Syndication

As the webmaster, you will be able to setup RSS feeds that incorporate new content pages, and new database records, along with how long they should remain in the RSS feed.


RSS Feed 2.0 Importation

Through EfficiencySpring's Clippings tool, you will be able to add RSS content browsing to your site with ease. Pull in content from your member's sites, feed in the results of automatic Google searches; integrating external content is easy with EfficiencySpring's.

News items from RSS feeds displayed within the clippings tool.


A forum post being entered.

Online Forums

Users can participate in online forums across a range of topics, both posting original messages as well as replying to messages that have been posted. An online forum can be located in the central Forums section or be hosted on any content page, database record page, or file details page.


Online Chat

For more timely conversations, EfficiencySpring provides you with online chat capability between users.

A chat session between two users.


A shared profile being displayed.

Shared Profiles

EfficiencySpring users have the option of making portions of their online profiles available to other users. As the webmaster of the site, you'll be able to determine which information should be available for sharing, and which information should stay proprietary to the specific user.



Give select users the ability to publish their thoughts via a searchable blog. Featuring a visual editor, your content writers will be able to post their thoughts easily, wherever they are.

The blog entry editing tool.

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