The Philosophy

EfficiencySpring was developed under a principle-driven philosophy.  Below are the principles that drive EfficiencySpring's product development and licensing strategy.

1) Long term benefits over removal of skill requirements

While EfficiencySpring is an easy tool to work with, a requirement when using the platform for system building is knowledge of SQL Server 2005/2008 and basic database design.  For an online application to thrive, scale, and be measurable, our stand has always been to give database administrators and developers the ability to hook their optimized well-thought-out databases directly into EfficiencySpring, providing high-performance and scalability for the long run.

EfficiencySpring automates a lot of system behaviors: n-level interface creation, client-side/server-side validation, business rule execution, record ownership, file management, etc...  However, EfficiencySpring does not presume to automate out the information design expertise of IS/IT workers.

2) Ownership of success over charging for success

EfficiencySpring's licensing is by unique fully-qualified domain names.  If a developer uses EfficiencySpring to create the next big dotcom sensation, their licensing costs will still only be for the domains their applications operate under, regardless of whether the applications are running:

  • on one server or one thousand servers
  • with one user or over a million users


3) Multiple deployment methods over single deployment types

EfficiencySpring can be hosted in the cloud, on a virtual private server, a dedicated server, a share-hosting account, and/or an internal server not connected to the Internet.  Getting experienced on any platform is a significant investment.  EfficiencySpring's deployment flexibility allows for that investment to be tapped for numerous projects of varying security and compliance needs.

4) Quality implementations over volume of implementations

Every partner and purchaser of EfficiencySpring receives twenty hours of remote training.  This is to insure that everyone actively using the platform has the information they need to be successful.

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