File Manager

EfficiencySpring's File Manager toolset provides access to either a Windows folder system, or an Azure BLOB structure. File Manager's API is utilized in both Data Manager and Process Manager as the basis for uploading, displaying, and downloading files. In addition, the toolset has its own full interface for uploading, browsing, downloading, deleting, and renaming files. In addition to the basics, several other advanced capabilities include:

Full-Text File Search

User's have the ability to search through the contents of Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and text-based files such as HTML, XML and plain-text.

Results displayed after a search
A thumbnail view of the images folder

Thumbnail Browsing

When browsing through folders, thumbnails are automatically generated for image files, providing an effective preview of the file's contents.


Moving and copying files between folders is a breeze with the provided clipboard. Users can navigate to various folders, load in files, go to a destination folder, and then click paste. (all this, of course, assuming they have edit rights)

A thumbnail view of the images folder


A zip-file preview prior to an unzip operation.

Zip / Unzip Capability

Users have the ability to use zip files to make file transfers significantly easier. A single zip file can be uploaded into EfficiencySpring, and then have its files expanded into a new folder. Likewise, files within EfficiencySpring can be packed into a zip file for an easy single-file download.


Check-In/ Check-Out Capability

A specific user can check out a file from File Manager, insuring they are the only one who will be able to make changes to it. Once the user has completed his/her updates, the file can be checked back in, allowing other users to make updates. With every check-out and check-in, a copy of the current file is archived for version control, later reference, and comparison.

A zip-file preview prior to an unzip operation.


File Manager can also be embedded into any Data Manager section, providing a strong combination of database record and file management.

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