EfficiencySpring Licensing

EfficiencySpring's licensing framework is designed to be flexible, and to allow an organization to scale up use of the platform without having licensing costs scale up as well.


  • Purchased copies of EfficiencySpring allow for an unlimited # of users
  • Purchased copies of EfficiencySpring allow for an unlimited # of sections
  • Purchased copies of EfficiencySpring allow for an unlimited # of content pages
  • Each purchased copy can be run on up to 15 fully-qualified domain names
  • Ownership of EfficiencySpring licenses is non-transferable between organizations

Code Access and Modification

EfficiencySpring is primarily divided into four code bodies:

  • ASP.NET 4.5 code (.aspx and .vb files)
  • Standalone Console Applications with source code provided
  • Integrated Open Source Components
  • The EfficiencySpring.dll Library, which provides the core APIs

With regard to the first two code bodies, you may freely modify and enhance the code, as well as share, publish, and sell enhancements to it.  We hope to see independent developers add value to the EfficiencySpring platform by publishing their own innovations and helper applications.

All of the integrated open source components utilize the Lesser-GNU license, and you may modify and/or enhance those components following the terms of the license.

The EfficiencySpring.dll, essentially the kernel of the platform, will remain closed for the time being  in order to maintain some centrality with regard to the versioning of the platform.  Feedback, and API modification suggestions however are very much welcome.

Commercial DLLs

EfficiencySpring does ship by default with demo versions of Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Words.  The components provide server-side creation of Microsoft Excel and Word Documents, as well as charting capability.  These are commercial components that would need to purchased to utilize the platform's built-in integration with them.  They are truly exceptional components, and worth far more than their purchase price. (

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