The Story 

Fourteen years ago, our software development was charged with two important goals; to deliver quality database systems, intranets, and toolset heavy websites to a group of clients, and at the same time recruit a world class development team. Both tasks were time consuming and it became apparent that it would not be possible to code each project from scratch while conducting an effective talent search.
Therefore, an effort was launched to build a tool that would encompass the common needs of web applications and also provide tools for generating dynamic functionality directly from database models. IntersiteXP was born, and quickly proved itself to be more than a stop-gap measure; the development cycle for projects decreased, and the value obtained by each client increased.
Several people were added to the software services team, and each has made important contributions to the toolset. These include a process management tool for routing documents through organizations, an eCommerce tool for selling products and services online, and collaboration tools for file sharing and online discussions.
On the eve of 2005, IntersiteXP was ported to the Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology and renamed LeapSeed. Utilizing the latest .NET technology, the platform continued to deliver significant value to our team's client base.
In 2008, the fourth major version of our platform was released.  Redubbed LeapSeed, it is the first version we are making available to the software development community.
In early 2010, we released the fifth version of the platform, proving new features such as business rules, template-driven visual designs, updated process design tools, and new mobile interfaces.
On June 6th, 2011, we released the sixth version of LeapSeed. Sporting better interfaces, new Ajax behaviors, support for international time zones, and improved performance, this version provides a worthwhile upgrade for users of prior versions, and an excellent starting point for new adopters.
On March 1st, 2015, EfficiencyNext LLC acquired rights to the LeapSeed brand and IP. As part of this transition, the codebase was ported to C#, and numerous enhancements were added. EfficiencySpring was born!
Words truly fail at describing what EfficiencySpring can do.  Take a look at our introduction videos to see how it can help with your application creation needs.

Contact for more information. if you would like to discuss a purchase. We are also available via phone at: (202) 400-3898 x2.

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