User Account Management

As a webmaster, site administration can make up a decent amount of your daily work. EfficiencySpring ships with tools aimed at making administration as quick and easy as possible.

User Management

Through the User Administration tool, you will be able to add internal users easily, as well as impersonate user accounts when you wish to test access levels. Users can belong to multiple user groups providing for granular security configurations.

Editing a user profile
Editing a group's security permissions

Group Management

EfficiencySpring 's group management tool will allow you to create new user groups for your site, and assign section-by-section privileges them, such as add, edit, view, search, delete, linking, approval, and commenting.

Security Log

EfficiencySpring tracks every login attempt made, and also records whether the attempt was successful or not. Using this log, it is possible to identity which users are actively using the site.

A view of recent logins
The password policies screen

Password Policies

EfficiencySpring allows you to mandate minimum password length and character requirements (capital letters, numbers, special characters) for user passwords. You may also set mandatory password-change policies, as well as timeouts for temporary passwords generated from "Send me my Password" emails.


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