Constituent Management

As an EfficiencySpring administrator, you will have a centralized database available to review the users that have registered on your website, as well as have the ability to add new users. The database provides contact information, as well as the ability to reset a user's password if necessary, with an automatic email notification sent to the user.

Plenty of Fields

Each constituent record provides fields for primary information, multiple physical addresses, multiple phone numbers, and multiple email addresses. In addition, constituents can be added to mailing lists for blast email sending.

A constituent's record being updated
A view of a customized dashboard


The customizable dashboard within the Constituents Management section allows for easy execution of searches, breakdowns of record types, and a review of recent constituent activity.


Account Management

User accounts can be directly created for constituents from within the Constituent Management tool. Passwords can be set and also reset when necessary. A new user can also be given the right to add new users themselves for their own organizations, reducing the amount of administrative overhead your organization.

A constituent's user account being setup

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