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Test Center

EfficiencySpring ships with a suite of testing tools designed to help deployers of the platform verify the validity of the configuration, data, and custom source code created.

Configuration Validity

Configuration Validity tools are designed to ihelp insure configurations are complete and error-free.

Section Configuration Diagnostics Tool
EfficiencySpring ships with a configuration testing tool designed to insure section configurations are optimized and match the structures of the file system and database. Configurations can change rapidly during Agile development cycles; The Section Configuration Diagnostics Tool can help insure best practices are maintained during these changes.

The Section Configuration Diagnostics tool displaying errors.


The Data Validity Checker Displaying Results.

The ID Table Management Screen.

Data Validity

Data Validity tools are used to check that data stored in EfficiencySpring database tables meet certain validation standards.

Data Manager Data Validity Checker
The Data Manager Data Validity Checker can be used to verify records in database tables match the data standards set in EfficiencySpring's section configurations. This tool is very handy for verifying records existing prior to a EfficiencySpring installation match the current data validation requirements.

Content Manager Broken Links Checker
The Content Manager Broken Links Checker insures all internal hyperlinks within Content Pages lead to other files within the EfficiencySpring installation.

ID Table Checker
EfficiencySpring's ID Table Checker is used to insure the ID generation code in EfficiencySpring is inline with the primary keys of the database tables it manages.


Source Code Validity

Source Code Validity tools test actual source code to insure it meets security standards.

ASPX Security Header Checker
The ASPX Security Header Checker is used to insure any custom pages written for EfficiencySpring include security checks in the header of the *.aspx file.

Missing XML Commenting Checker
The Missing XML Commenting Checker analyses source code, and finds class, variable, function, subroutine, property, and enumeration definitions that have not been XML commented.

The ASPX Security Security Checker display security header results.

XML Commenting Check

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