How To Acquire EfficiencySpring

There are two ways to acquire EfficiencySpring licensing.

For Free with an EfficiencyNext System Development Project

EfficiencyNext maintains teams to handle creation of new information systems and web sites . If you decide to have EfficiencyNext handle your development needs for a project, then EfficiencySpring's licensing is included at no extra charge. Essentially, your organization receives a powerful data management platform for free as part of the new system's implementation. For more information, contact


Direct Purchase of License and Training Package

If your organization already has a team of system developers, and you are shopping for a technology platform for them to use, then your organization can purchase an EfficiencySpring license directly from EfficiencyNext LLC. Below is information regarding:

We highly recommend evaluating the product before purchase. We would be happy to setup a login-able demo of LeapSeed 6.0, as well as setup a GoToMeeting online walkthrough to provide a personalized tour and answer any questions. Contact for more information.

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