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Full Web Services Support

EfficiencySpring's Data Manager tools are accessible to users via standard web browsers. For instance, here is a screenshot of a standard search results page.

Standard Search Results

Great for users, but not helpful when one needs to remotely access searches and perform other Data Manager tasks. Fortunately, EfficiencySpring includes a rich web services framework. The same search results above are available in JSON, XML, and JavaScript Array format simply by changing the "format" attribute in the querystring.



JavaScript Array

Combined with our token-based web service authentication system, it is possible to write remote code that can access EfficiencySpring, login, run queries, and return parseable results in industry standard formats.

That's not all!

The Data Manager web service framework also allows for record adding, editing, and viewing using web service calls. This supports a wide range of integration options with other systems. And of course, all the usual mechanisms that come with using the full UI remain, including duplicate checking, validation, and history logging.


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