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Reports Configuration

EfficiencySpring ships with a reporting tool that will allow you to configure reports for your Data Manager sections. Output formats include list reports, cross tabulation reports, and mail-merge reports.

The querying format for reports is the same as the querystring format for running searches, making it easy to prototype the filtering logic that goes into each report.

The front of the reports configuration screen
Columns being configured for a list report.

List Reports

For list reports, you can select columns from the section you are building the report for, including the order they are displayed in. You may also specify a field used to group the returned records.

You may also setup sub-reports that will run for every returned record within the main report.

Cross tabulation Reports

Through EfficiencySpring's cross tabulation reporting tools, you will be able to setup reports that return count or sum breakdowns between one or two columns.

A crosstabulation report being rendered


Mail Merge Reports

EfficiencySpring will also give you the ability to setup mail merge reports that output to specified Microsoft Word mail merge templates, providing a quick way of generating form letters, envelopes, mailing labels, and other deliverables directly from EfficiencySpring.


Scheduled Reports Sends

Any report can be scheduled to be sent to users on a recurring basis via e-mail. Scheduling can be based on day of the week or day of the month..

A scheduled report configuration


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