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Data Protection and Separation

So what are some other benefits of using Data Manager for your database applications? Here's a few extra perks to keep you interested:

Overwrite Protection

When turned on, overwrite protection uses server-based timestamps to prevent two users from simultaneously editing the same record. The slower user is presented with a message indicating the record they're editing has already been saved, and gives them an option to reload the edit screen.

Overwrite protection protecting against an accidental overwrite of previously saved work.
A CAPTCHA test being displayed.


For public-facing add pages, you can turn on CAPTCHA which will display an image-based "is the user human" validation box. This feature will tremendously cut down on the spam that comes into your public forms.

Record Ownership

Specific records can be set to belong to individuals or user groups. With this capability, it's possible to limit who can view owned records as wells as who can edit them.

A view of the record overwrite options.

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