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Through configuration, EfficiencySpring allows you to determine the database fields, and content displayed on your add, edit, and view pages.

Granular field options

For each database field displayed on a Data Manager page, you can select one of twenty-five display types, such as text-boxes, check-boxes, drop-downs, email fields, pop-up search lookup lists, etc... Then for each one, you can also specify what their minimum and maximum values are, whether they are required or not, what regular expressions should be used to validate them, and their layout criteria.

A list of possible display types for Data fields
An embedded file pane.

Seamless File Integration

File Upload slots and folder panes can be seamlessly hosted within Data Manager pages, providing integration between structured records and unstructured file content.

Content Blocks

Blocks of HTML content can be placed above, below, and between the database fields to provide contextual information to users.

HTML content blocks embedded around data fields.
The field grouping configuration

Field Grouping

Fields can be grouped together into tabs, plus/minus panes, or straight-forward headers.

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